Thursday, September 29, 2005

A New Kind of Christian...Or maybe An Old Kind...

Searching for transforming experience, we often seek to be different from how we were or who we were; in fact we are called to be different. Living as children of Light, “be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God” (Ephs. 5:1-2) Why is it so hard to feel transformed, it is very easy to talk about it, to teach about it. But how does one become truly transformed…Imitation? Why are the worldly habits so easy to keep? Discipline seems to be a word that is imbedded in my mind for everything these days. Discipline of pacifism, discipline of prayer, reading, solitude, simplicity, love, and imitation… I have began reading, A New Kind of Christian and I like it so far, but as I am finishing introduction and the first chapter, my mind keeps wondering, maybe ‘new’ is not the solution, maybe reinventing, reforming, protesting is not the answer, maybe it is truly found in the OLD. Maybe it is truly found in the disciplines of our fathers, in the saints, in the witness of the early church. After all as Ana Baptists isn’t that what we are about going back to the early church, to be Jesus centered…I know McLaren is dissatisfied with the North American Church, and don’t get me wrong I like McLaren and I like what I am reading, but I think the issue is that we allow heresy like, health and wealth and attribute blessing to them in North America, the problem is not the church catholic (Stanley Harwaus), so the solution is maybe not the: ‘new’ but rather the ‘old’…any thoughts?

Monday, September 26, 2005


You are a

Social Moderate
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Economic Liberal
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Falk Concert

Amanda Falk concert was awesome. We had a good turn out of 170 youth/few parents and few college students. The over all show was good; it was a concert, some fun stuff and ended with worship music, just as a ‘Christian’ concert aught to be. No pretences of worship is us, blaring our music at you while we don’t know your songs…it was instead: here is our concert, our music, lets have fun, then we will do crowd games and fun ‘stuff’, then Amanda shared her testimony, followed by lets sing some worship songs that we all know and direct them at God…it was very well done…and my youth loved it! What an elation to see youth be able to have fun and direct this excitement to God. That was great, thanks to those that have been praying for me and this event as I was getting flustered with anticipation of it…

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Jeff’s sermon on the ‘beatitudes’ this past Sunday was a wonderful interpretation and understanding of God’s grace. In Jesus’ sermon to the people on the ‘hill’ in their immediate setting… What a wonderful presentation of Grace….Kingdom of Heaven is now available to you, even though you are in this ‘spot’.
Grace has always been such an encouraging theme to my life, although it has been abused, bruised and misunderstood, and I am still grasping to understand what it means sometimes in my direct settings as youth pastor ….we have so much ‘stuff’ in our lives. Often my priorities are a mess and it is refreshing to know that the kingdom is available to even me.
I have been reading today the story of the Lost in Luke 15, it is an amazing chapter in the view of that Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom is available to us to all of us…no matter what ‘spot’ we are in…but not only that, our Heavenly Father seeks us out…searches for us…
The chapter begins with: “Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around him.” Jesus was a magnet, the kingdom was available and people wanted it, especially those that thought it was not available to them before. Of course the religious leaders missed it again as their muttering was: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” What an amazing story of Grace….Jesus welcomes sinners and eats with them; he partakes in communion, in fellowship with sinners, with liars, thieves, cheaters, etc. What a story of Hope and Joy, and yet Jesus even has time for the religious to explain to them why, he could have dismissed them, BUT he chooses to help them understand through parables of the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son…his grace was even for the religious…how astonishing!
I hope in the end of my time people will say this about me: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

Monday, September 19, 2005

Holy Water

Somewhere there's a stolen halo
I use to watch her wear it well
Everything would shine wherever she would go
But looking at her now you'd never tell

Someone ran away with her innocence
A memory she can't get out of her head
I can only imagine what she's feeling
When she's praying
Kneeling at the edge of her bed

And she says take me away
And take me farther
Surround me now
And hold, hold, hold me like holy water
Holy water

She wants someone to call her angel
Someone to put the light back in her eyes
She's looking through the faces
The unfamiliar places
She needs someone to hear her when she crys

And she says take me away
And take me farther
Surround me now
And hold, hold, hold me like holy water
Holy water

She just needs a little help
To wash away the pain she's felt
She wants to feel the healing hands
Of someone who understands

And she says take me away
And take me farther
Surround me now
And hold, hold, hold me
And she says take me away
And take me farther
Surround me now
And hold, hold, hold me like holy water
Holy water

-Big and Rich


"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." - Derek Bok

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

KICK OFF TONITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well our KICK-OFF is today!!!! SO AWESOME...I cant wait, the youth band has been practicing hard, the girls were decorating till late last night...and i feel out of space and room TOO Much on the GO!!! Are all my ducks in the row, will they like it, will we have fun? Well here goes nothing....well maybe something!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Why do people after youth, or after bible college walk away from God? Why are the numbers so high? Why is our faith seen as a drug to be on a high for a while but when life hits we just surrender and become nominal…Why is there no difference between what we do and what the world does? Why does the church fail? Sooo many of these questions are now on my brain. Is it the lack of discipline in our ‘evangelical’ churches is it the lack of disciplines such as: prayer, fasting, solitude, simplicity, tithing, chastity, fidelity….Do we have too many quick answers and too little of hard nosed disciplines of getting down and dirty? If we have everything on earth, if every pleasure is met, every desire given, why want God? Jesus promises the opposite, simplicity will keep us from wealth, chastity will keep us from gratification, tithing will keep us from illusions of being a self made man/woman. Which on paper seems great but how many of us turn wealth or gratification down? In fact the whole Jesus thing promises persecution hate and abuse in this world…Why would any one want that when we can gratify our selves, be gluttons and enjoy life? The truth is I know there is no simple answer…The problem is only when we give simple answers. People fail, fall, disappoint and lie…The only truth is that God is good and faithful even when we are not…all we can often do is pray and fast for our friends…I will pray for you my dear friend…God has not left you, even though you are trying to leave him…