Thursday, September 22, 2005

Falk Concert

Amanda Falk concert was awesome. We had a good turn out of 170 youth/few parents and few college students. The over all show was good; it was a concert, some fun stuff and ended with worship music, just as a ‘Christian’ concert aught to be. No pretences of worship is us, blaring our music at you while we don’t know your songs…it was instead: here is our concert, our music, lets have fun, then we will do crowd games and fun ‘stuff’, then Amanda shared her testimony, followed by lets sing some worship songs that we all know and direct them at God…it was very well done…and my youth loved it! What an elation to see youth be able to have fun and direct this excitement to God. That was great, thanks to those that have been praying for me and this event as I was getting flustered with anticipation of it…

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