Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Christian.

So I am continuing to make progress through my reading of The New Kind Of Christian, and I am enjoying it although I am finding that I have to pull my eyes from the text and contemplate what I am reading, and re-read certain portions of the story. I like the idea that McLaren is proposing, a way of identifying and thinking in a post-modern (a word that I am sure is hated by many) world. I like that his approach is not about rethinking the faith but thinking about the faith in a different way. I think we MUST look at faith differently then our evangelical conservative-right position that is being shoved down our throats, through books, media, and resources from our brothers in the south. Being a Christian is not about being conservative or liberal, or wealthy or healthy or North American hmm imagine that! I don’t like the connotations or connections we add to faith or make it about. So I like where McLaren is going thus far, I like being rattled out of my comfort, out of the known or accepted or expected.