Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ohh Vancouver

Well Vancouver... my team! They have won the last 5 games, which should make most fans fairly happy, BUT...yes there is always a BUT, they have been close games with suspect defense and goaltending. This team has shown in the past few years ability to be the best and worst team in the NHL all at the same time.

Last year notably they lost in the first round to flames...a team that surprised everyone by winning convincingly and going all the way to the finals before being exposed in their trap system by a fast skating TB.

So what is left for the Canucks...they have a strong three lines, that are seemingly clicking, and an ok defense which can step up most nights. But and here is the BUT, the goaltending seems suspect, yes Auld has been good, and can not be blamed for some of their losses, but a championship team needs to have a goalie who will make you that extra save that he should not be able to make, that's what wins championships, Canada has had Brouder, Jr's had Poggie, Tampa Bay had Khapibulin who made game winning save late in the third against Flames, Montreal and Colorado had Roy. The point is Vancouver needs a game breaker a guy who will deflate momentums by playing beyond good saves, a guy who will make the unstoppable stoppable when it really counts...so who is available for goalies: Lalime, Luango seems to want to leave Florida, maybe Kolzig although the recent play of Ovechkin including the goal of the year last night might be making him want to stick around in Washington, and of course there is always Raycroft who hasn't started in 5 games. So as one can see the choices are slim...salary cap has no room to attract anyone with money, so the road ahead might be bumpy ride with a possibility of an early exit out of play-offs unless there is a game winner to be picked up...SIGH

In just few short days i am flying to Vancouver to watch them play Montreal, I am going to see first hand how good these guys really are...Hope Auld has more then what i have seen so far.


Anonymous said...

I like Oullett. I think he is the future of the Canucks. An anonymous Canuck fan.

YootguyMark said...

4-0 to the blues and let in some soft ones. Come on the future? Maybe I haven't seen play enough. I lovethe canucks but please stop the losing to shitty teams.


Paul Morgun said...

Mark i wouldn't worry about that comment too much...its just Gil trying to be funny :) Ohh Gil, i like the anonymous part!