Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gold game in the Quarter Finals?

Well the time has come, in a few short hours the two teams that really matter in this tournament will play today...Russia vs. Canada...I used to be very hopeful when it came to Russia playing anyone BUT recent woes and plagued preformances of just not being able to get it done worries me...makes me believe that this game could be the same...sigh... Russian Hockey seems to be the Italy of Soccer...they seem to have all the tools they seem to be cruising they seem to have put good stuff together and then they choke...this trend has continued and has me worried about the upcoming game... So heres hoping there is more of this:

But lets be honest what most Russian fans miss is the unbreakable dynasty... what we really need is these guys back 'the green unit':


Incoming... said...

your boys out played us!

Incoming... said...

what the chuck norris?

Paul Morgun said...

Thanks was a close game.