Wednesday, March 08, 2006

If you are a Youth or a Youth worker you should read this!

Ok well here is a must for youth workers, I got this from Marco's Blog on Youth Specialties, it is a blog and video blog of a youth worker who went back to high-school for 2 weeks, the school worked with him and treated him like they would any student...what a great read... two weeks back


Lisa said...

paulio.. it is i. i was wondering if you could send me the pics that you didn't post on your blog (ie of emily and i) coz that would be sweet. and if you haven't sent the cheque yet, you may as well not bother because i'm coming in 2 weeks and you can just give it to me or give it to clint to give it to me. ok? ok. i'll talk to you later. love.

Anonymous said...

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