Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the end of the trilogy

On the completion of my reading of Brian's trilogy The New Kind of Christian, The Story we Find Ourselves in, and The Last Word and the Word after That. The Last book has been for sure the most interesting one, although the first one was also a good read. In the last book McLaren wrestles with the idea of hell. McLaren gives a good background on different traditions of hell, historical backgrounds and influences on the 'biblical' idea of hell also. I have many questions and my own thinking was pushed which is always good. To summarize McLaren's ideas I will allow his quote to do it for me: "The language of hell, in my view, like the language of biblical prophecy in general, is not intended to provide literal or detailed fortune-telling or prognostication about the hereafter, nor is it intended to satisfy intellectual curiosity, but rather it is intended to motivate us in the here and now to realize our ultimate accountability to a God of mercy justice and in that light to rethink everything and to seek first the kingdom and justice of God." I like that, we are accountable in the NOW, we are to desire justice and mercy for others as we do for ourselves, we are to desire LIFE for others, and not condemnation...

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