Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In preparation for World Cup



"The gospels, then, are a form of ancient biography. When we study them, we walk through an ancient portrait gallery; the gospels are hung in the same hall as other ancient biographies-and we must study them with the same concentration upon their subject, to see the particular way each author tries to portray his understanding of Jesus. The gospels are Christology in narrative form, or less technically, the story of Jesus" - Richard A. Burridge Four Gospels, One Jesus

Monday, May 29, 2006

Finally here, Da Vinci Code Diet

So yesterday our small group went to see the Da Vinci Code...meh...I really have nothing to say more about the issue then already has been said...but what I did find interesting was when Jessica and I were buying candy at London Drugs, we spotted magazine Women's World that had in big red letters a caption..."Finally here, Da Vinci Code Diet" We laughed out loud and I mocked the magazine, but there was a sad truth behind the marketing of this diet, what ever is "hot-topic" sells even in ridiculous forms as a diet...Which of course didn't make the matters any better that when I was in Scott's Parables there was shelves and shelves of Da Vinci Code books correcting the fiction of Dan Brown...ridiculous!!!! Now only to find books refuting the work of James Bond, I can see it now: "seriously guys he's not a REAL agent...he actually does NOT have a license to kill...stay tuned as more Hollywood lies are revealed..." sigh... here is a link to the diet in case you want the mystery to be revealed....The Da Vinci Code Diet. My suggestion on how to loose weight in this part of the world would be too rude to type here...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Church Signs....

After reading Gil's frustrations about church signs i thought this would be appropriate....

Monday, May 22, 2006

Real Sex

Lauren F. Winner an excellent writer has written a great article in the New York Times on the virginity pledges and their failings. What an excellent observation and read. For more on this topic I would also highly recommend her book Real Sex

Friday, May 19, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006


Everything is Illuminated

Just finished watching one of the most superb movies I have ever seen. Now I am a bit biased as the whole story takes place in Ukraine my native home. As an immigrant it is easy for me to understand a longing for home, for the past that connects me to my motherland. Although my home is here in Canada, there is always a part of me that wishes nothing more but to go back to be there…just to walk the streets of my childhood. Saturday evening I watched Everything is Illuminated The story is about a young Jewish American man (played by Elijah Woods) who embarks on a journey to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II. But encounters much more, this was a powerful movie, of how history and where we come from has to do with everything that we are. Near its end there is a powerful quote: “Everything is illuminated in the light of the past, it is always along side of us, on the inside of us looking out…inside out.”

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

DaVinci Code...

The other night I watched an hour documentary on the history channel about the DaVinci Code. It was interesting since there is so much hype about the book and the upcoming movie. The documentary goes to all the suggested places in the book, their history and the people behind them...The big issue was around Leonardo's painting of the last supper and how John could be Marry Magdalene, and the reality is that 'John' does look very feminine in the picture, but if further pictures that were painted by Leonardo of John are looked at, John looks very feminine in them as well, this then was attributed to Leonardo's sexual preference and contempt for the church. What ever the case the documentary concluded with this statement: "Although the claims that Dan Brown and the book make are fascinating, there is no real backing behind them, the only thing that is close to the truth is that some of this 'could' have happened...but there is no way of knowing...the phenomenon of the DaVinci Code is based on what if..." also timely had a small blog about the movie and the comments by Brian McLaren on the subject, which are worth asking for ourselves. I have not read the book so cannot say much more then what I heard on this documentary. I am interested in seeing the movie since I love seeing fiction and anything religious is always a treat. But, I guess it would only be logical for me to read it. Any of you have it, so I can borrow it?

(Leonardo "St. John the Baptist" 1513 - 1516)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Video Games and addictions

Here is a good reason not to allow your kids to have video least not in there rooms where they can be obsessed about them....apparently this kids parents were worried about his obsession and video taped was on the rollingstone magazine...

Monday, May 01, 2006

well maybe this thing is true...

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Powerful Viking.

Where You Lived: Russia.

How You Died: Decapitation.