Monday, May 29, 2006

Finally here, Da Vinci Code Diet

So yesterday our small group went to see the Da Vinci Code...meh...I really have nothing to say more about the issue then already has been said...but what I did find interesting was when Jessica and I were buying candy at London Drugs, we spotted magazine Women's World that had in big red letters a caption..."Finally here, Da Vinci Code Diet" We laughed out loud and I mocked the magazine, but there was a sad truth behind the marketing of this diet, what ever is "hot-topic" sells even in ridiculous forms as a diet...Which of course didn't make the matters any better that when I was in Scott's Parables there was shelves and shelves of Da Vinci Code books correcting the fiction of Dan Brown...ridiculous!!!! Now only to find books refuting the work of James Bond, I can see it now: "seriously guys he's not a REAL agent...he actually does NOT have a license to kill...stay tuned as more Hollywood lies are revealed..." sigh... here is a link to the diet in case you want the mystery to be revealed....The Da Vinci Code Diet. My suggestion on how to loose weight in this part of the world would be too rude to type here...


Sarah Gingrich said...

Too funny, Pavel!! But we have to believe some things we hear, no matter how odd they are, such as: Canada is great, shaming is a good coaching technique, Pavel is a good Settler's player, and "Talking to Americans" is unslanted, unbiased reporting.

Now don't you Canadians get your panties in a bunch, I lived there too...I'm still in therapy

har har

Paul Morgun said...

Sarah...guess...what...we now have radios!!!