Monday, August 14, 2006

The weekend of Champions!

Chris Moneymaker: "It was the most ruthless game I have ever seen!"
Phil Ivy added,: "I was reading him (speaking of Paul 'rev' Morgun) on a pair of Kings earlier, I am not sure why Stalin ( Speaking of Andrew Bergen) went all in...he must have seen the stupid grin Morgun had?" When asked for a comment Rev (Morgun) simply said: "When Stalin was taken down, I knew I just had to raddle the FISH (speaking of Gil Dueck) he is easliy shaken, and I knew he wasn't going to swim away from my straight...I read him on a lower straight and the rest, as we say in the 'biz', is money!" Cactus Jack (speaking of Jeff Peters) could not be reached for a comment as he was demanding for an investigation into the deck of cards that were used... The tournament was held at Bergen Casino's and as always provided great giant screen entertainment, and excellent food. The tournament is in its second run, and the Bergen Casino's is hoping to make this an annual event.

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wibs said...

Congrats! That is the best picture of you in the whole entire world... Bar non...