Saturday, October 21, 2006


So here I am, Saturday afternoon by now, working out final details for the sermon this Sunday. It's interesting how involved with the text you can get when you are preparing to speak on it. Learning the backgrounds the contexts and circumstances behind the passage or letter. So much division in the early church, so much arguing over leaders, speakers, unity, jealousy, and theology. It really is interesting how messy the church was...and how messy it still is. And yet God calls us to this community of messy people, who are often trying their best but are just missing it, and says come follow me...I think today more then ever I understand what the poor fisher men and tax collector must have heard when this teacher told them to follow them. They were not best of the best as Rob Bell puts it in his description of disciples. They were simple and messy and so human, and yet the King had called them and invited them into a kingdom which was open to all, and in their messy best way they tried to follow and teach, and failed, and tried again. So as I prepare to talk about lawsuits of the Corinthians and their divisions, I am humbled that this messy guy is given a privilege to live in a community that sees Jesus in me instead of me...

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