Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I think after shoveling I now have hernia as well...well probably not, but man is there a lot of snow!

(click on the pic for larger view)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Good Show...

Jessica and I went to see a movie last night, and man did we pick a good one: Stranger than Fiction, what a great smart comedy or was it tragedy? Highly recommend this movie.

Friday, November 24, 2006


With English being the international language of the world there is an amazing site called engrish.com which finds posters, t-shirts, billboards and much more from around the world that miss use the language, Jessica has always used these pictures on her blog, and today I thought I would preview a few that I like:

Please wipe first!

Edgy Place!

What? For only a $1000

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well Jessica is doing a bit better, resting lots and recovering. The boys have been good and its been good to have mom around to help. Although its funny first night Noah was up so I was with him, last night Noah slept well but Sasha was up so up with him...Thank you for your prayers, in the mean time I have to go and rescue few people, fight some villains and then back to my secret identity...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hernia? what...

What a weekend, Jessica had stomach pains so we went to mediclinic from which we went to St. Paul's Hospital at which Jessica had a hernia operation. She is good and recovering. No lifting for 3 months though, and so having two little kids will be interesting for the next while. Thank you all for your help during Sunday fundraiser, and for your prayers. Thank you mom and dad Morgun and Wall for taking care of the kids while we were in the hospital and for all your support. We are now home and Jessica is resting, and its really good to have her mom here to help out. Things are good but we will be taking it easy for a bit now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hershey Chocolate pulled off Canadian...

Just great right after Halloween, the biggest chocolate eating night, we learn this: Certain candy bars as well as chocolate chips for baking are among the products Hershey Canada is pulling off store shelves because of possible salmonella contamination. Just a heads up to all you lovers of chocolate out there read the article above, there are many favorites on there that are being pulled off the shelf... Here are few notables:

-Hershey Chipits Milk Chocolate Chips - 270 g.

- Hershey Creamy Milk Chocolate With Almonds - 43 g.

- Hershey Creamy Milk Chocolate - 45 g.

- Oh Henry! - 62.5 g; 62.5g/4 bars; 145 g.

- Oh Henry! Bites - 130 g.

- Oh Henry! Peanut Butter - 60

-Glosette Peanuts - 45 g.

- Glosette Almond - 42 g.

- Glosette Raisin - 50 g; 145 g.

Monday, November 06, 2006

New/regular life of a youth pastor...all glamour

New/regular life of a youth pastor...My son Noah is growing like crazy and is so chuby and cute, Sasha is really setting his independence by arguing everything…so that’s been ‘fun’. Jessica and I had a date which was sweet to go out again and be together ALONE, we went to see The Prestige, which turned out to be a pretty good show, not great but good. And then the weekend was the usual for me, night on the town began when I pulled my speed boat onto the beach, adjusted the rose in my white dinner jacket, lit a cigar with a hundred dollar bill, then jumped onto the sand where my butler was standing with a silver trey holding the keys to my fancy sports car. Oh yes life of a husband, dad, and youth pastor all glamour…

Thursday, November 02, 2006

British teenagers are among the most badly behaved in Europe...

There has been some disturbing violence by teenagers in the UK recently, but here is an article debating why the "youth in UK are the most badly behaved in all of Europe" it was an interesting read, I think many perspectives apply across the national borders, but here are some quotes that I would like to highlight:

"Commentators fear that British youth is on the verge of mental breakdown, at risk from anti-social behaviour, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse. These concerns are, to an extent, borne out."

"Southern European nations with a strong Catholic tradition and a focus on the family do not share the same level of delinquency. Scandinavian countries with a large welfare state and a strong sense of civic engagement also perform better."

""Hanging out with mates" is what teenagers do in the UK. In contrast to their European counterparts, they spend far more time with their peers than with adults where they miss out on the development of what are called "soft skills" - the social and personal development which is increasingly vital in a country built around service industry. "

"The key is that youngsters grow up in a warm, nurturing environment with plenty of adult interaction."

"We need to repair the disconnect between our adolescents and the adult world."

I think there are some genuine conclusions that are reached by this reporter, one that really struck me is the importance of connecting adolescents with adults. Which of course makes me wonder how we separate youth with adults in our churches, are we missing out on development and learning from each other that could take place on a greater level, when working together?

It is also interesting what kind of groups had an impact on youth, such as sports, and clubs, and strong Catholic tradition and a focus on the family.

I think it's clear that violence and disturbing behaviour is not exclusive to UK, but the causes of this and the solutions that are being sought by the English are good, in fact they even held a dialouge between students from germany and england to discuss what respect is all about and how culturally different and same the two look at the issues at hand. Anyways I think these are very good discussions going on about the well being of youth growing up in wealthy, materialistically driven societies of the west. It has given me some stuff to think about anyways...