Friday, November 24, 2006


With English being the international language of the world there is an amazing site called which finds posters, t-shirts, billboards and much more from around the world that miss use the language, Jessica has always used these pictures on her blog, and today I thought I would preview a few that I like:

Please wipe first!

Edgy Place!

What? For only a $1000


Anonymous said...

its 1000 yen you nerd! an even greater deal!

Paul Morgun said...

Fine even better deal, cut face for only 1000

Sarah Gingrich said...

I definetely overpaid then....Newman!

Joe said...

1000 yen? Ten bucks to get my face slashed? Not bad, but I've seen better deals. I'd rather go for the famous crap. Hope things are going well out there in the north and that Jessica is feeling better. Take it easy.