Monday, November 13, 2006

Hershey Chocolate pulled off Canadian...

Just great right after Halloween, the biggest chocolate eating night, we learn this: Certain candy bars as well as chocolate chips for baking are among the products Hershey Canada is pulling off store shelves because of possible salmonella contamination. Just a heads up to all you lovers of chocolate out there read the article above, there are many favorites on there that are being pulled off the shelf... Here are few notables:

-Hershey Chipits Milk Chocolate Chips - 270 g.

- Hershey Creamy Milk Chocolate With Almonds - 43 g.

- Hershey Creamy Milk Chocolate - 45 g.

- Oh Henry! - 62.5 g; 62.5g/4 bars; 145 g.

- Oh Henry! Bites - 130 g.

- Oh Henry! Peanut Butter - 60

-Glosette Peanuts - 45 g.

- Glosette Almond - 42 g.

- Glosette Raisin - 50 g; 145 g.

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charlie brown said...

noooooooooo!!! not glosette raisins!