Monday, February 05, 2007

Teenagers Value Marriage

Despite the promiscuous messages found in TV, music, and movies, the prospect of lifelong partnership and marriage is more important to young Americans than having sex according to research by Youthography.

Among Americans aged 14-29:

  • 77.8% viewed “having a lifelong partner” as important
  • 64.2% viewed “getting married” as important
  • 46.1% viewed “having sex” as important

Consider it proof that American young people are serious about learning how to have a healthy marriage and relationships. If you preach it, they will listen.

[via Ypulse]

But another dangerous trend that continues to plague our society and our kids is discussed in the TIME magazine online article a study shows that more and more kids are being exposed to web the article here. A very important reason to set up family computers in public areas of the house and having parental protections and locks on your computers...

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