Monday, March 05, 2007

Jr. Youth retreat and the broom...

So Jr. Retreat was good, we went through some good learning curves and had to figure out how to exist on no sleep...Ashton's relentless questions till 4am did not stop...and now I know there are bad question's and bad answers...What I also learned is that the broom has no chance of surviving in Jr. Youth cabin. What I mean is this, as we all got into the cabin and I went over the rules, the sanctity of the broom was stressed over and over that this was not a toy, it is not to be used for hitting (something that it is naturally used for by Jr. Highers) it is not used for dancing with, jumping with etc, etc, etc but still it was no surprise to find it in two pieces, two very broken pieces, here is the discussion that followed:

Jr.Youth 1: it broke
Me:Clearly! How did it break?
Jr. Youth 1: It Fell!
Me: What do you mean it fell?
Jr. Youth 1: I don't no it just did.
Me (getting frustrated): Didn't I say not to fool around with the broom?
Jr. Youth 1: I wasn't, its not my fault it fell.
Me: How did it fall?
Jr. Youth 1: well it fell and broke.
Me (seeing this is not going anywhere): did anyone else see how it fell?
Jr. Youth 2: well Jr. Youth 1 threw it up in the air and it busted
Me: So you did break it (talking to Jr. Youth 1)
Jr Youth 1: well i threw it up but it was the fall that broke it
Me: Are you serious?
Jr.Youth 1: well you didn't ask if i threw it.
Me: I asked how it broke.
Jr.Youth 1: and I told you it fell...
Me: You are in charge of clean up at the end of the retreat.
Jr. Youth 1: I was being honest I don't know why I am in trouble.
Me: (only speaking hypothetically for parents that maybe reading) What if I threw you up in the air and you fell and broke, would it be the falling that is at fault or me for throwing you???
Jr. Youth 1: It's just a broom Paul.


Timothy Nightingale said...

there wasno misbehaviour like that when my parents were running it....

Sarah Gingrich said...

Heeee heeee. Were there are ceiling fans? Those are usually targets as well..used to propel nerf balls around the room or some such other mischief. And mattresses, did they fare well? In my day they were absconded as sleds down snowy hills in the middle of the night or used stacked up to catch youth flying off the porch on mountain bikes naked (in the middle of the night, clearly). Or the couch cushions? Used as giant whacking paddles to clobber one another? If none of these things passed, then I's just a broom, Paul.
har har har ahr ahrarhahehhe

Joshua Nightingale said...

Ha ha ha that reminds me of the days when i was a junior higher at the Redberry Retreat. Man, those days were awesome.