Thursday, April 26, 2007

Youth Pastoring...

How do you know you are leading a Jr. Youth night? You realize that for the last ten minutes you have been asking the boys to stop farting on one another while you're trying to explain a parable... In fact it kind of stops you right in your tracks and helps you laugh a bit when you realize you just said: "Stan stop farting on Jim...well I don't care that he farted on you first...ok get your bum out of his he does not like it...." (all the names have been changed to protect the culprits) ...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SEX GOD...Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of SEX GOD is titled Angels and Animals. Here Rob takes us on a trip of extremes that we often find ourselves in. Rob covers the subjects of humans acting like animals and like angels, and what that means.

In the animal part of the chapter Rob speaks about the temptation of ignoring our conscience or sense of higher purpose, sacrificing what it means to be human, which leads people to act much like animals, satisfying their basic urges. Rob suggests that its more then 'food for the stomach' there is more to being human then just satisfying the natural cravings whether its food or sex. He reminds the reader of the challenge that Apostle Paul has in this first letter to the Corinthians: " can they live for a higher purpose than just fulfilling their urges?" Rob suggests that this 'stomach for the food' view is still dominant today and the problem with it is its rooted in a low view of human nature. Assumption is that people will gratify their urges anyways they can't help themselves so whats the point. Some even view it as freedom, yet what it really teaches is that we are much like animals...

In the Angel part of the chapter, Rob asserts that if being like animal and giving into everything is not human and wrong also being an angel and withholding everything from one is also a wrong extreme. Both are missing being human. Rob covers a conversation one had with Hugh Hefner the founder and owner of Playboy, who talks about being raised in a family which was Prohibitionist, Puritan ... never hugged, no touch, no kiss...nothing...Hugh comments: "Mom, you couldn't have done it any better. And because of the things you weren't able to do, it set me on a course that changed my life and the world." Rob continues: "In reaction to denial, people often head to the other end of the spectrum, which is indulgence. The pendulum swings. But we were created to live in the tension. And when you lose the tension, you lose something central to what it means to be human."

After explaining the problems with both sides Rob says: " When we deny the spiritual dimension to our existence, we end up living like animals. And when we deny physical, sexual dimension to our existence, we end up living like angels. And both ways are destructive, because God made us human."

Rob concludes explaining that people when faced with a tension often want a formula to set things right so the tension goes away, Rob says that in fact the more human we act and realize what that means the more we will understand how to live in the tension, knowing that sex is a gift and is GOOD, when not lived out as an animal, in the same breath our spiritual connection and godliness matters and is GOOD, when not lived out in ignorance to something that is very real like sex and affection... So there it is Angels and Animals, "there are these two extremes, denying our sexuality or being driven by it, and then there's the vast space in between."

I extremely enjoyed this chapter, I like the tension that Rob speaks about, I like the idea that the world is not finished that we are part of creating and growing it, I like the fact that he talks about being human is being made in the image of God that our body is the temple of God. I think one sentence that I have known and believe for some reason jumped out at me and stuck with me this entire chapter the fact that if we are a temple of the Holy Spirit this holy place is us where heaven and earth meet, and this is a big part of what it means to be human to be made in the image of God, and there are these tensions that drive and pulls us in every direction, and the extremes are often dangerous. And so "The marks of someone who has experienced significant growth in their soul is their ability to live in the midst of tension." Spiritual and physical both pulling...and this is the tension, and it is good, it is being to learn to live in the vast middle...fully human...

Monday, April 23, 2007


Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul.

- Saint Teresa of Avila (1515 - 1582)

Sunday, April 22, 2007


RUSSIA IS GOLDEN! What an awesome win, Russia puts it together, and wins a huge game beating Swede's with a minute left to go to the gold medal game and then defeating an American team that had earlier defeated the Canadians, to win GOLD what a win woohooo Yeah Russia and now to World Championships to take it all there!!! More on the win HERE

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fun in Hepburn...

Things you would never be able to do if you lived in a big city, but here in Hepburn my youth are doing it, Curtis, Colton and Ryan all try only one really does it well all videos are really short and worth seeing:




Monday, April 16, 2007

The Office, acts of terrorism...

Some of you know my love for the show, The Office well I happen to own a Dwight bobble doll, and it proudly sits on my shelf in my office,

last week it was stolen, and I moaned and complained about this horrible act of terrorism...and pondered what my preemptive strike should have been...this Sunday after an amazing sharing morning where our youth shared about our time in Calgary, I come back to my office only to find this on my desk:

After following the clues that were in bedded in this jello I had found my toy! I love these youth they spent a lot of time and creativity and few attempts to make the jello and the clues in it, and the foresight that if the doll was in the jello it would be wrecked! what a great bunch of youth! They had a good laugh...

On another note, Canucks pulled it out again, and won in OT!!! yeah Canucks!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Calgary Trip 07

We are back! many things flying through my mind at mach speed, trying to explain this 5 day trip... We arrived in downtown Calgary and stayed in the downtown Jesus Loves You Society Church, the church is run by a guy who gave up mega church status, and is simply living and loving the hurt, in one word he describes his ministry as simply hugging people. What an experience, working and sleeping right downtown, being able to be in the midst of poverty, addiction, prostitution... inhumanity maybe is a good word to describe what we saw it was astonishing.

I was very proud of our youth who got in and served, helped, gave of themselves so much, we did everything from sorting clothing, handing out food, leading services at salvation army helping out at the mustard seed, we walked and talked with people on the street, hearing their stories, it was powerful...

And then Sunday happened, now each day we had time in the morning and evening to spend time in sessions, in worship, in sharing, to begin the day prepared and to reflect on the day in the evening. Each session would last about an hour, an hour in a half, our Sunday session something broke in our youth, friend groups that are very common in a group of 40 broke, people were TOGETHER, and I mean really together, praying for one another, holding one another, crying for three and a half hours and they did not want to stop, it felt like we were in a moment straight out of Acts 2...I am not very 'pentecostal' and those that know me would agree, but what I had seen and been a part of that Sunday has left a significant mark in my faith journey...I don't have the words to describe and some of it is just to personal for me to share, but that time, that moment is very sacred for me.

We will be sharing and showing pictures and sharing lots more on Sunday morning, if you are interested in hearing and seeing more of the trip come on down, also if you want grab some of our youth and invade them with questions...

(here are very few of many pictures)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Calgary Trip

Just a small update that, that our youth and sponsors are going to Calgary on Thursday and will stay there till Monday, serving in drop in centers, handing out food, putting on a children's carnival and cleaning up many other drop-in areas in Calgary, to help out anyway we can. So I will not be posting any updates for a week, and will update you on our trip when we return! We are all very excited about this trip, last year was a great time of serving we are looking forward to lots of hard work again! Please pray for us for safety in travel, for unity and for serving hearts~!