Monday, May 28, 2007

Big Update...

Well its good to be back! Marva Dawn Lectures were awesome, it was great to be fed spiritually and enjoy the Vancouver sun. Jeff and I endured the constant honking of the vancouverite driving maniacs and have persevered and are better for it. So here are only a few quotes from the magnitude of great things we heard this past week:

"Forgiveness always has cost, in forgiveness you make up the difference"

"When we think of heaven and hell we need to make heaven larger and hell smaller." - idea taken from C.S. Lewis in The Great Divorce

Revelation is not so much about the future but how to deal with our sufferings now. Community of sufferers, and the truth about the Kingdom is that we have a hope."

"God’s tabernacling occurs when our powers is brought to an end in weakness."

Well those are just a tiny few nuggets...what a wonderful week of challenge and a great way to think them through with Jeff. It was also great to see my cousin Lisa and stay with her for few days and then to visit and stay with Ryan and Naomi Dueck was most excellent as well. What a week of reflection, thought and spurring. I have missed this school environment and was good to be engaged again. And now am back refreshed and ready to roll...big events looking forward to our u16 undefeated high school team soccer game on Tuesday (practice Monday if any of you youth reading) small groups with youth on Wednesday and Thursday and Cedar Lodge Retreat on the following weekend! It's going to be sweet. Also looking forward to finishing Rob Bell's book Sex God, which I haven't been able to update on the blog for a while, so I will not do chapter by chapter review, but give glimpses of each chapter in the next review hopefully this week. And am looking forward to starting to read Marva Dawn's book Unfettered Hope.


Luke Heidebrecht said...

Without sounding rude... there is no such thing as driving madness in Canada, be it Vancouver or not! Just yesterday I experienced Chennai driving, and let me just say it makes Bangkok look like Hepburn... and Bangkok makes Vancouver look like Hepburn... and well Vancouver makes Hepburn look like Hepburn.

Paul Morgun said...

your right Luke...i cant even imagine how YOU can drive out there...I have seen you drive in Hepburn, and it was bad enough ;). See soon buddy, at Amanda's grad!