Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hepburn Hawks, Soccer U16 and of course The Office...

My adventure coaching the high school U16 team continues as we played our first game yesterday and what a thriller!!! They did sooo well! We were down 3-2 with little time left and they pulled it out, scoring the tying and winning goal 7 minutes apart!! 4-3...Very proud of our guys... So here we have it we are 1-0!!!

Also watched this episode of The Office last night, probably one of the best sketches yet...ohh man! Jim imitates Dwight...golden! ... ps- I think I had glasses like that in gr. 9 - 10


Timothy Nightingale said...

well done Paul. Success corralates directly withhow much you make them run!!

Joshua Nightingale said...

ha ha ha THAT'S AWESOME! It is incredibly ingenious.

PS-good job with team paul