Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Golden Hawks!

Well my coaching saga of the U16's had a golden finish as our Hawks finished undefeated in the Valley Cup and brining home the Gold Medal in the end of a thriller of a game between Hepburn and Rosthern, despite Hepburn beating Rosthern in the round robin 3-0, Rosthern changed tactics played a better formed game and gave Hepburn all that they could handle. But with persistent attack Hepburn's own Ashely DeRuiter struck home the only goal of the game to take the lead and eventually the game. Some scouts in the stands said: " that is just raw talent", others echoed the statement by saying: "forget Beckham, remember the name DeRuiter" So congratulations to our Hepburn U16 Champs!
We now have one game in the regular season left in which we are also undefeated, come and support your Valley Cup champs Tuesday June 19th 7pm Hepburn School Field...


Jeffrey said...

Brining or Brine:

1 a : water saturated or strongly impregnated with common salt b : a strong saline solution (as of calcium chloride)
2 : the water of a sea or salt lake

Congratulations Hawks! You deserved every bit of that gold medal!

Joshua Nightingale said...


Paul Morgun said...

Undefeated season was complete we won every single game all year...14-0 the team was awesome!