Saturday, June 30, 2007

Grad...bitter sweet...

Well another year, another grad! It is always such a bitter sweet time, one is that I am so excited for the youth who are moving on to the next chapter of their lives and excited to see what journey they will embark on. But two I miss them as they leave, they become so dear to my heart it really is so hard to have them leave...harder then most may think. What I love about Hepburn grad though is the amazing community involvement that happens here. Being one who graduated from the city high school of a grade of 200+ students it just wasn't the same...I love that here the community comes to grad, I love the personal and creative touches that are sprinkled through out the entire ceremony, the honoring of students, teachers and parents it is really heart warming time! And here comes the best part, after the ceremonies are done, the families put on huge food extravaganzas at their houses and the entire community goes house to house of the grads and eats and laughs and cries together, giving gifts, hugs, warm wishes, it is a true sense of community and joy that I have never seen before I came to Hepburn. It is soo special...and literally the closest thing I have ever experienced to 'true' community, church, there is so much joy in the air you can almost taste it...In fact my words here would not do justice to the atmosphere. What a time...moments of bliss and hope, and everything seems possible in this time...what beauty.

(Angie, Jenny and Amanda)

(Jan and Kayleigh)

(Brent and I)

(My Jr. Youth Sponsors)


Joshua Nightingale said...

Look at Brent in the backround of the first picture lol

Paul Morgun said...

Lol thats what I love about Brent, also notice that Amanda is giving a face as well her and Brent always crack me up!