Friday, July 06, 2007

Spare lumber and the long weekend...

Well awhile back my uncle gave me whole bunch of spare lumber that he wanted to throw out, and Warren and Cheryl Boldt had an old slide they were offering to us, so this past long weekend one thing led to another and I pulled out my tool belt, my new chop saw and drill that I haven't really used since I became a youth pastor so like in forever! And decided that my boys need a tree house, well I don't know if the 'need' it...but when I was a kid I did not have one so yeah...and Jessica spent the other day painting it...since the lumber was dry and can click on the pictures to view the big picture of this engineering feat! So with out further ado:
(Sasha loving his new 'home')
(Larger picture of our pond and tree house...and the pond does have fish!)


Anonymous said...

Cool tree house! You boys are very blessed. Any fingers or thumbs blue? (just kidding) Looks like you did a great job!

Shannon said...

That looks awesome! Wanna come build me a treehouse? I kids.:)

Sarah Gingrich said...

Hey Paul!
Good job! And Jessica, your pond/flowers look beautiful! Paul, it's just a translation of Latin, not a quote, so use at will. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Good job. I did click to enlarge the photo and make sure it really was an archetectural feat, and I would give it a score of 11. (11 out of...?) Have a good week speaking at camp. I will be praying for it.


Paul Morgun said...

Thanks everyone, it was fun doing it...speaking at camp was really good also thank Kim...and Sarah I will use it!