Monday, August 13, 2007

BACK at WORK...but probably not at the office!

Hey I am me, call me lets get an ice cap and hang! This week visiting: Redberry Bible Camp, Youth Farm Bible camp, Saskatoon Youth, Western Grocer Youth and me email me, text me, leave a comment or facebook me... :) Reminder Lake day this saturday meet at church at 10 am...let me know if your going!


Yen said...

Nice and keep it up, which part of Canada? I spent three year in Manitoba.

I am back home now and I blog about my travelling in one of the most diverse society in the world

do visit

Mark in Atlanta, GA - USA said...


I love your blog (we read all of the same stuff...I'm a big N.T. Wright fan)! I haven't noticed any references to Tim Keller (my hero) from Redeemer in NYC ( If you don't know who Tim is, you HAVE to download some Sermons (I know you will love him)!

Thanks - keep up the good work!


Paul Morgun said...

Yen I am in Saskatchewan, thanks for stoping by.

Mark, I will have to check Tim out. Thanks.