Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update with Paul Morgun...

What a weekend, the boys Sr. Soccer team that I was coaching lost in the regionals, which is ok, they played well and over all it is a developing year. Sunday was great the church honored Jeff and I for the appreciate your pastor month and have given us some nice gifts to be able to go out and have fun so thats great.

This week our Sr. and Jr. Youth Small groups start and I am pumped about that. Small groups are one of my favorite youth nights, we get to hang out in a smaller setting, talk about life and dream together, it is always a blast! So I am looking forward to that.

I have recently been given and purchased whole bunch of books, so I am reading them right now and plugging my way through them, a highlight for sure is the book which has been just amazing read, I find my self on many of the pages similar struggles and different ones too, it has just been awesome to read. I have put all the new books now on my to read pile and as I work through them you can see them on the side column of the blog if you are interested in whats keeping me busy.

(picture is of the boys building a shelf during our amazing race kick off)

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