Friday, December 21, 2007

Sr. and Jr. Youth Banquets!

Both nights were basically Rock Star themed, and so we had a lot fun dressing up, eating, karaoke and much more here are few of the many photos of the night, more will be put in the flicker on the side column:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This stuff makes me laugh at first, then makes me contemplate, then kind of makes me mad...I think this kitch ( you can see more of these ...things here) is incredibly stupid. But wait it gets worse, when you roll your mouse over the figurines it gives you a what Jesus is representing, so in this bull riding one it says "I am Strength". Well there is one of him with his robe open underneath which he is wearing fatigues and an M16 slung over his shoulder and in his hands holding a dove and the saying says "I am peace". Apparently killing those 'heathens' out there...enough to make you puke...Jesus with an M16...thats just great. This would be perfect for the SNL "really" skit that is done during the weekend update by Seth and Amy... "Really? this is good? This is good use of money, energy, thought? Really? Really Jesus with an M16 and camouflage saying I am peace...Really? No one in the the whole thought process and considering of these figurines raised an eyebrow at this, no one objected? Really? Jesus who came to save the world, having a weapon of mass destruction on his shoulder, Really. I love you and came so you can have life, but I might need to kill some of you...Really!?"
ht to: youthblog

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Simplicity, not that simple...

I have been talking lots about simplicity and Advent and Hope...but talk is cheap. Living in a consumer devouring culture that suggests that in every waking moment I should be buying something to better my life is exhausting, and because useless things and gadgets look so inviting, and I wont lie I like shiny things, its hard... But simplicity has become a sort of fad today, we talk about it lots and there is smoke and whistles and then we get comfortable, or maybe I should say I get comfortable...its complex and hard. No my car does not run on vegetable oil and yes I have shopped at WalMart...sigh... and now reading The Irresistible Revolution, living as an ordinary radical I come across this quote:

The old saying goes, Live simply that others may simply live. Simplicity is very popular nowadays. All the time, I get invited to speak at conferences on simple living, and I'm offered nice honorariums to do it! People write books on simplicity and make lots of money. It's weird thing. There are plenty of liberals who talk about poverty and injustice but rarely encounter poor, living detached lives of socially responsible but comfortable consumption. And there are plenty Christians who talk about how much God cares for the poor but don't know any poor folks. There is nothing more sickening than talking about poverty over a fancy dinner. Or how about this one: I once saw an advertisement for a dialogue on global starvation, and the sign boldly read, 'Refreshments will be served.'
So this advent is about discernment for me...reflecting on the Hope I have in the person of Jesus Christ. Who came as a fragile child, and lived with the lowly so that everything could be turned on its head, we are now called to be the body which lives out Hope for the lowly and the hurting, and the lonely we are called into this redemptive lifestyle of bringing heaven into situations of hell here on earth, by feeding the hungry and dressing the naked...hands and feet...a lifestyle of Hope...A hard lifestyle that is very counter cultural. A lifestyle of community, not independence but interdependence with my community...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Umm take it easy!

Wow...there is an article about less then equal advertisement campaigns from the past in this dailymail article... hmm in Soviet Union under socialism this would never have been permitted...good ol'west...

ht LT