Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Interesting conversation...

This takes place in our car yesterday on the way home from the city:

Sasha: Mommy I want a gun!

Mommy: Absolutely not.

Sasha: But I really want a gun like my friends

Me: Why do you need a gun?

Sasha: To shoot things!

Me: I don't want you shooting things.

Sasha: please, guns are good!

Me: They are made to hurt people

Sasha: I wont shoot people I will shoot the walls.

After a long silence...

Sasha: Mommy, Daddy when we get home we need to talk, we need to talk about me getting a gun.


Shannon said...

Wow! He has a silver tongue, doesn't he? Now I wonder where he got that from??? :)

wibs24 said...

HAHA... that is awesome! atta boy Sasha!!