Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grad, Soccer, and Youth Art show

Well Grad was fun yesterday! We enjoyed seeing all the youth, going to their houses enjoying food, laughter and time with the grads! I am very proud of them! They have grown up so much from the bunch of rowdy grade seveners that I met in my first year here in Hepburn. It's neat to see how their gifts and talents and aspirations have grown. Congrats to you all guys!

Tonight we are also doing the wind up BBQ for my U16 Soccer team who had another successful winning season. We had a great time this year, so looking forward to a fun night.

Jessica has been leading a group of youth girls teaching them art, they have so much fun each Monday night as they meet. I usually try to stay out of their way as they laugh, learn and grow together. Jessica has such an awesome gift teaching and making relationships with these girls, and tonight they are doing an art show of their work at our house so it will be a fun full night, soccer wind up followed by an art show! If you are around and reading this stop by the Art Show, it begins at 8pm.

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