Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey Nostradamus!

Ever since I first read Douglas Coupland's Life after God, I knew that there probably wouldn't be to many books that he wrote that I wouldn't like. And Hey Nostradamus!, does not disappoint. This internationl bestseller and a book which was nominanated for the commonwealth writers prize for best book in Canada and the Caribbean was a fenominal read. Set with in Couplands hometown of Vancouver this book is about a high-school shooting massacre, this novel follows the lives of four people highly effected by the shooting. The novel takes you on an emotional ride of anger, sadness, joy, spirituality, pity and contemplation. Coupland takles doubt, hate, spirituality, riligion and much more. I like Coupland's honest look at soul searching not hiding behind walls of preconcived or expected religious cliches, Coupland openly and honestly questions morality, religion, justice, terror, and the human condition through his fictional characters in this novel. His philosophical look at the ability of humans to do so much good and so much evil within short time and by the same person leaves your mind wresteling. The characters struggles, sufferings, joys and mandane, kept me addicted, and my own desires of hope and goodness kept me on the edge as Coupland kept the characters alarmingly real and their life all to often doubtful and painful as they they trotted in the seas of highs and lows.

A great reflective novel, if some one is interested in borrowing it I have a copy in my office...

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