Monday, July 28, 2008

Soul Cravings...

One of the best things i have time for in the summer is reading books, and before Hey Nostradamus! I had an opportunity to read Erwin McManus's Soul Cravings. It is another wonderful book reflecting our desires, cravings and life's searches for meaning and purpose. Erwin himself comes from background of philosophy, turned spiritual seeker, Buddhist, theist and eventually follower of Jesus and a pastor. I really appreciated Erwin's writing about his personal search. Amazon review put it this way: "We are all on the same quest," he writes. "And our soul craving is to find something we can believe in." McManus wants readers to come to know themselves and meet God on the journey.

Here are some snippets/quotes from the book:

"I meet many people who are running from God, angry with God, and yet at the same time desperately searching for him. If God is love, it is maddening when we are running from God and yet searching for love."

"We have to believe in tomorrow to function well today. It will never be enough for us simply to exist, and if all we have is now, our souls will starve from lack of nourishment. Without a future there is no hope, and hope is essential for our souls to thrive. Hope exists only in the future, and if the future does not exist, there is no hope."

His reasoning is that our souls crave three things: intimacy, destiny and meaning. The fact that all human beings have these cravings is evidence for the existence of God. In our search we are directed and pulled to find God even though we often meet those cravings/desires with other desires, always falling short of the true purposes we were made for.

I highly enjoyed this book if someone wants to borrow it, its in my office.

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