Thursday, October 23, 2008

Canada vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifier trip...

I had the privilege to have a sweet trip with Jeff, Dave and Brendan to watch World Cup Qualifier Game between Canada and Mexico it was a blast for the analysis of the game you can read that on Jeff's blog, here is the visual evidence:

Monday, October 20, 2008

My boys...

Is there anything better then this in the world,  we have a bunk bed for them but this is preferred arrangement by the two.  I love them so much, I really don't have words.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Prayer Labyrinth...

Have you ever done a labyrinth? To slow down quiet the soul, spend time with God? 

The prayer labyrinth was adopted by the Church across Europe during the medieval times, being often used as a means to meditate, pray and connect with God in a higher spiritual way. Numerous cathedrals in Europe have prayer labyrinths embedded into their floors, with the Cathedral of Chartres (Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral), located about 80 km from Paris having one of the most famous prayer labyrinths in the world. Prayer labyrinths were often viewed and modeled as a journey to Jerusalem and were even called Chemin de Jerusalem (Road of Jerusalem) serving as a spiritual pilgrimage for those who could not afford to travel to Jerusalem, the center of the world.

The widest accepted prayer labyrinth in the Church was the eleven-circuit labyrinth, which is more symbolic of Christ's cross with its four quadrants, and grace being symbolized by the never-ending path to the center and back, allowing the pilgrim to walk the path at his own pace, stop for prayer and meditation as needed.

By the 17th and 18th centuries however, prayer labyrinths had lost much of their spiritual meaning. Some clergy and other believers now associate them with New Age mystical practices.

With the practice of walking the prayer labyrinth becoming popular again in contemporary Christianity, particularly in the Emerging Church movement, many Christian denominations from across the theological spectrum are again adopting the practice of walking the prayer labyrinth. Some churches opening their labyrinths to any pilgrim in need of contemplation and prayer. It should be noted that the prayer labyrinth is not a maze in the popular sense, and rather has one path on which one cannot get lost, serving a powerful symbol of individual life journeys and pilgrimage in faith.

So all this to say there is a great online option if you want to spend some quiet guided time in prayer check it out!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Soviet Fun...

My experience of growing up in USSR was full of  fond memories of family, friends, playgrounds and soccer. What I  forgot (repressed in my mind) is how weird and scary some of the playgrounds were in USSR, now a parent myself I stumbled on to these pictures that triggered frightful memories and childhood nightmares... So if you ever wondered why I am the way I am here is the childhood magic of Soviet playgrounds, so from USSR with love:

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yearbook pictures!

The there is this sweet website that lets you make a yearbook picture of yourself for any era, basically its the best, here a few examples of me: