Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Nights...

So Tuesdays has become the boys night at home...Jessica heads of to SIAST to teach, and the boys and I have an evening together.  It is pretty fun time of playing floor hockey, watching hockey, wrestling, and of course the Wii.  

Today during 'da boys supper' we were talking about Sasha's kindergarden, you see he is a big boy now and goes to kindergarden every Tuesday and Thursday.  Sasha loves school, but in particular he really likes a girl there (already) and she really likes him... They spend in fact way to much time together and don't socialize as much with other kids, at least thats what the teacher told us.  So they have recently been encouraged to be in groups with other kids.  So today at 'da boys supper' Sasha was talking about this problem of not being together, and well here is a bit of our conversation:

Sasha - "Today I couldn't be with Chloe, I was partnered up with someone else, but thats ok cause I still had fun, but Chloe was sad that she wasn't with me. "
Me - "Well its good to make friends."
Sasha - "Yeah it was, but Chloe loves me."
Me - "Oh? How do you know?"
Sasha - "We talked about getting married."
Me - "You don't want to get married already, do you? Then you would have to get a job, buy a house."
Sasha - "No we talked about it, we can live downstairs, there is the extra bedroom with a bed so we can be married."

Ummm so should I be worried that my five year old is making marriage plans with his kindergarden girl friend, and wants to live in his parents basement?


Shannon said...

I think it's the living in the basement thing you should be most concerned about! We want these little people out of the nest as soon as is legal! :)

Paul Morgun said...

No Doubt, I am with you Shannon!! :)

Kelly said...

hey.... that was awesome supper conversation. did you know sasha stopped by here on the way home from school today? yup... just popped in to say hi, tell me he had a good day, then said oh, I better go home.. see you later!

Paul Morgun said...

That is hilarious!!!!!! Thanks for telling me that Kelly!!!! He is becoming such a big boy...oh man!

Janelle said...

it's totally ok, i hope. my 3 year old is in the same stage! :) she even has it down to the flowers, and she picked her dress out at Sears. when i asked the boy if he was ready - he said he wasn't sure. Kamryn quickly corrected him & told him he was. a week later, he finally agreed. :) :)

Paul Morgun said...

So I am sensing this is not that weird...ok...the living in my basement still worries me. :)

Outgoing... said...

not wierd but highly revelatory. I mean where did the kid get the connection btwn marriage and bed - i think its time to get him ot sign the abstinence card - do you still have some of those around from years ago.