Friday, December 05, 2008

Conference and clever Chicago Blackhawks

I am in Toronto right now, I am at a youth workers conference, it has so far been a packed full day 9am to 11pm of Sessions, Speakers, conversations and worship.  It is going incredibly good.  Today I had the joy to listen to Shane Claiborne  I have read his book earlier in the year Irresistible Revolution which my youth pastor had given to me.  Like I was by his book I was again powerfully moved by his message on the Scandal of Grace.  I am still processing all that was said, and will post more later.  Then this evening we had the privilege of listening to   Tony Compolo  who in fact was Shane's prof at Eastern College and who's call to social justice the call to walk in the footsteps of Jesus was an amazing challenge colored with Tony's great style of speaking.  I am in the hotel room my head feels full of million things to process and I am thankful for that.

On the funny side of things, Chicago Blackhawks are doing a great job of promoting the All-Star Game by having their two young stars Toews and Kane competing agains each other for a spot to the All-Star Game, so they created political like commercials against each other that are excellent.  A must see only 30 sec. each :

For Kane against Toews:

For Toews against Kane:


Outgoing... said...

I am jealous

Kelly said...

I'm jealous too. I just quoted Claiborne twice in a paper i wrote... You'll have to share your notes and drink coffee with me soon.

Jessica said...

Those are pretty funny videos.... but I really really like your new header - fish out of water? Escaping the the fish bowl? It's pretty clever!