Sunday, December 21, 2008

Russia Wins Euro Tour 2...

Euro Tour 2nd tour, is over and Russia after winning the first one in Finland, goes undefeated and wins the second tour in Moscow today.  In other news World Junior Hockey is about to start, which is pretty much the best tournament to watch, its in Canada who is on the verge of winning 5 straight gold medals. Russia has been in the finals 3 of the four times, unable to beat Canada.  This should be another exciting tournament to watch.  I am as we speak watching classic world junior games on ESPN and the game they are showing is my favorite game of all time in Halifax, Canada.  Both Russia and Canada were loaded with talent. Ovechkin made his debut as a 16 yr. old in this tournament. Canada up 2-1 going into the third period, Russia storming back to win. Since then its been Canadian domination of the gold, and Russia seems to be only second best with silvers, is this they year this changes? Will see. I am looking forward to watching this with family and Brendan :)

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