Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love and Dress up...

My Jr. Youth Sponsors are a blast, they are a group of youth gr. 11, gr. 12 and couple in college that love Jr. Youth to pieces, they hang out with them, buy them cokes and lunches, spend time with them, pray for them and are building awesome relationships.  They also have what might be called an unhealthy love for dressing up, so any excuse in Jr. Youth that they can dress up they do it, and by dress up I mean dress in ridiculous ways! It is hilarious and awesome, here is one of our recent nights (what a blast, it was even more fun to read the story of the Lost Son and have them act it out for the Jr. Youth dressed in who knows what) suffice to say it was awesome! Here is the evidence:

Just being themselves...
Blue steel looks
Hey its Jordon!

Its fun to dress up
here they are acting out the story of the Lost Son for Jr. Youth, I think this is the pig feeding part.
doing the ultimate cheer with the Jr. Youth

Being Goofy
Some more cheering
The Father talks to his other son acting from the parable of the Lost Son.

Friday, February 06, 2009


A while back I mentioned to someone that I wanted to write a story one day, after much laughing in my direction, we had a good visit.  So anyways here is a good quote about stories:

"A great story, like a great work of art, is both simple and complex.  It is simple enough in its narrative form for a small child to comprehend the essential movement of the plot, its characters and scenes, and its central themes. At the same time, to the more sophisticated hearer it is like a deep pool of meaning whose depths are not easily fathomed, perhaps never completely exhaustible, with complex undercurrents and mysterious recesses and hidden springs.  Any attempt to reduce such a pool to its surface water is to mistake a pool for a puddle."  - Conrad Hyers

Thats all hey, that shouldn't be too hard... hmmm. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Box and duct tape.

My oldest boy has been obsessed with medieval times; knights, castles, swords, bow and arrows, kings, princesses, moats, and much more.  He has an amazing play-mobile castle with trap doors a full british knights army and of course an opposing Roman army with a colosseum and a Caesar (all thanks to his grand parents), good chunk of his day consists of building and setting up the armies.  I love playing them with him, cause well I am a big kid.  Sasha also owns a breast plate, shield, sword and cape that we got him for halloween and for a while now he has been asking me to make him a helmet.  I have no idea where he got the idea that I can do this, but suppose he is still at an age where his dad can do anything (pretty cool stage :) ) So today I took a box and some duct tape two bolts and nuts and well here are some visual evidence: