Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love and Dress up...

My Jr. Youth Sponsors are a blast, they are a group of youth gr. 11, gr. 12 and couple in college that love Jr. Youth to pieces, they hang out with them, buy them cokes and lunches, spend time with them, pray for them and are building awesome relationships.  They also have what might be called an unhealthy love for dressing up, so any excuse in Jr. Youth that they can dress up they do it, and by dress up I mean dress in ridiculous ways! It is hilarious and awesome, here is one of our recent nights (what a blast, it was even more fun to read the story of the Lost Son and have them act it out for the Jr. Youth dressed in who knows what) suffice to say it was awesome! Here is the evidence:

Just being themselves...
Blue steel looks
Hey its Jordon!

Its fun to dress up
here they are acting out the story of the Lost Son for Jr. Youth, I think this is the pig feeding part.
doing the ultimate cheer with the Jr. Youth

Being Goofy
Some more cheering
The Father talks to his other son acting from the parable of the Lost Son.

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