Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stuff Christians like

Over at Stuff Christians Like there are a fantastic amount of posts that are written with creativity and humor about everyday look at churches in the west. I have really enjoyed some of the posts and found my self laughing out loud at the post entitled: "Understanding how metrosexual your worship leader is." Now I don't think this really connects with our church, primarily because our worship leaders rotate and are not really like this, but this stuff certainly does connect with some of the churches I have seen, and maybe youth pastors (cough). I don't think his intent here is to hurt anyone or make fun of church or worship or even the people that do this, but there are some cultural truths in this post and I had a good laugh, if you like to see it go here. Some of my favorites:

1. Has a faux hawk hair style = +1

2. Has more product in his hair than your wife = +1

3. Has Rob Bell, black rimmed glasses = +1

4. They are not prescription, but just for effect = +2

12. Wears one of those Castro revolution looking hats = +2

13. Drinks coffee on stage = +1

14. Drinks some kind of coffee you did not know existed = +2

15. Brings a French Press on stage and makes his own coffee during service = +5

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