Monday, August 31, 2009

Jonas Brother's Agility long... Nice jump spazz...

"The Jonas Brothers sang all of their amazing hit songs (hahahah) last night in Toronto, but it was a feast for the eyes as well when the boys took to the sky and showed off their athleticism (video of it above). Thanks in part to a trampoline, they flew to heights of zero feet, risking it all as they soared parallel to the stage.

And last night the dangers became all too clear when Joe Jonas, perhaps light-headed from all the gentle hopping, failed to land his twisty jumping-jack thing. He recovered nicely though and reset by sticking a little hop, a move he practices at home in his cheerleading skirt. I’m just glad he wasn’t hurt as he mocked the laws of gravity. I thought I was watching ‘the Matrix’ for a second there." - (source funnynews)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Adventure, Part two, our place...

This is the front of the house where we now live... well in the basement of this house :)
Side view of the house as you walk to our place

View of the back yard as you take the corner to our place, of course the trampoline is a hit.
View of the house from the back.

The above picture is the view of the kitchen as you walk into our place.
The boys enjoying lunch

View of the kitchen from the hall way.
Little office nook in the hallway between kitchen and dinning hall, as you can see we need to put up whole bunch of shelves yet, our trip to ikea resulted with not finding the right shelves they were all out, luckily there are two ikea's near by so tomorrow off to the other one.
View of our bedroom from the hallway
View of the bedroom from the far corner, it is still in the unpacking stage as you can see by the mess.
Dinning room which leads to the Living room, where I am standing to my right is the computer desk nook, and to my left is the bedroom entrance and a bit behind me to the left is the kitchen entrance.

The living room from the hallway angle, yes it does have a working fireplace so thats kind of cool.

Living room view from the far corner

Boys room view from the door entrance
the boys bedroom view from the far corner

Well that is the end, of showing our crib, more photo evidence of our neighborhood to come, thanks for taking a look into our new place.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Adventure, Part One...

So what is up in our new adventure you ask? Well maybe you didn't but here it is, we are now in Vancouver in a cool new nook that is our home, in a beautiful area with a forrest behind us, we have met some awesome people thus far... but for sure it does not feel like home yet... We did some touring today and Vancouver is very easy to get around... here are some pics of our travel. More of the house to come once we unpack everything...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last day...

Well it is absolutely bizarre and weird to write about the last day at the office... But today is my last day in my office as youth pastor of this church where I have been 7 years. This room has seen a lot. There has been much laughter, crying, happiness, sadness and all in between that have occurred here. It's very strange to know that I won't be coming in here with my coffee in the morning to get my day started. I don't even know how I fully feel about that. What I do know that I have wrestled in this room with God, I have prayed and asked God questions and I have listened. This room is just a room, and yet it holds many memories... I think I will just sit and reflect on that a bit more and take it all in for the last time...

picture of me sitting in my now empty office...

Friday, August 07, 2009

My Boys Birthday Parties...

In the past two weeks we celebrated the birthdays of our boys. First we had Noah's birthday-party a month early but this way his little buddies could be there. He sure loved the party and really understood what it was all about which is kind of cool to see your 2 year old grow and understand things here are few photos:

And today we had Sasha's birthday, it was also a bit earlier but we wanted to make sure that all his friends could make it. The party was Kung-fu themed and they got a kick out of it (hahaha dad joke). It was neat to see his friends say goodbye to him, letting him know that they will miss him and give him big hugs. In Noah's case the friends were just to young to know about the move but in Sasha's case most of them understood that he was moving away and it was special to see them say such nice things to him. Here are some photos from his party: