Friday, August 07, 2009

My Boys Birthday Parties...

In the past two weeks we celebrated the birthdays of our boys. First we had Noah's birthday-party a month early but this way his little buddies could be there. He sure loved the party and really understood what it was all about which is kind of cool to see your 2 year old grow and understand things here are few photos:

And today we had Sasha's birthday, it was also a bit earlier but we wanted to make sure that all his friends could make it. The party was Kung-fu themed and they got a kick out of it (hahaha dad joke). It was neat to see his friends say goodbye to him, letting him know that they will miss him and give him big hugs. In Noah's case the friends were just to young to know about the move but in Sasha's case most of them understood that he was moving away and it was special to see them say such nice things to him. Here are some photos from his party:

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