Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a quick what is up...

Jessica the boys and I have just returned from the Regent College retreat. It was a great time to get away take some spectacular hikes through one of many Washington State mountains, meet some of Jessica's class mates, recognize and chat with old classmates from Briercrest, and listen to lectures, participate in the songs, and enjoy nature, it was all so fantastic. I have been really liking what I see in Regent over all, the diversity of Christian thought and practice is fascinating.

We are slowly finding rhythm to our life and some what of a schedule. I am probably going to take a class next semester, which I am very excited about. Biking, hiking, and drinking coffee are also becoming big loves of mine, and so that is very fun.

Here are some pics of the mountain hike which led us to the top of the mountain on which was a bowl with a lake in it:


Kelly said...

great photos! look forward to hearing more about the emerging rhythm of life.. fascinating that you use that word.. I've been trying to think in those terms lately.

Paul Morgun said...

Thanks for keeping up with us! :) Hope Caronport week is going well!