Monday, April 26, 2010

Olympic fever and soccer...

Sasha has completed his first full BC soccer season. It was season of a lot of learning and growing in the sport, as the team worked on passing, shooting and learning positions and distributing the ball even though it still ended-up in the game; a giant swarm of kids running after the ball, but still it taught him importance of practice, trying hard for the team and not just playing as he feels, and gave him love of goaltending. All in all it was a fun year and exciting to watch the group of kids get better through the year.

So as the rest of the world has seen we here at Vancouver have been living through the entire Olympic fever and in light of this Sasha's coaches planned for their final year end tournament to give kids an Olympic experience by having a podium and bouquets of flowers and gold medals with their names on them. It was so cool to see the kids step on a podium and receive a medal and a bouquet of flowers and you know kids have watched a lot of Olympics since Sasha upon receiving his medal took a bite of it as he saw so many athletes do in Olympics. What a fantastic finish to a great year!!!

Here are some pics of the game and medal ceremony, Sasha and his team was in grey for the game but then put on their home green for the ceremony:

Sasha with the hoodie sticking out from his grey jersey in the centre

Sasha playing goalkeeper in the second half:

Making a big save!

Medal ceremonies:

Sasha biting on the medal (like the Olympians)

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