Friday, July 16, 2010

Mennonite Brethren celebration 2010...

Attending the Mennonite Brethren’s birthday party was a special treat. As I sat in on the celebration service I could not help but be moved by the history and faithfulness of the remnant believers of this denomination, whose fruit and labor were now clearly evident as the national pastors from various countries shared their work, joys and struggles in living out Jesus. Words such as “suffering”, “faithful” and “committed” struck a chord with me in this celebration, and as Walter Unger put it “we [truly] stand on the shoulders of giants.” Despite challenges we as a people press on to love and be the people of the way.

As I continue to take in the celebration, it is an exciting challenge as we together look ahead and recognize that the next 150 years will also hold many moments of joy and also sorrow but these next years will grow on the roots that have been deeply planted in the commitment to be faithful despite obstacles and to love despite hardships.

So as we celebrate and recognize and remember the mosaic of people we truly are, let us remember that our central identity is in the person of Jesus Christ, and that despite challenges we continue to press on to be centered on making disciples in the way of Jesus.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Congrats Hepburn Grad 2010

I had the absolute privlege to be a youth pastor for seven years in a small canadian town, where it was my joy seeing kids grow up, change, tackle life and take on challanges. It was so exciting to go back and see this years grad. They have all changed so much and I am so proud of them! Congrats Hepburn Grad 2010: