Friday, August 27, 2010

A must read...

Part of my summer reading was The Prodigal God, by Tim Keller, this in my humble opinion is a must read. I felt that this brief paragraph of a reviewer on Amazon gives great small glimpse into the book that everyone in my humble opinion should read:

"In his book Keller is presenting what has been traditionally known as the parable of the prodigal son. Keller refers to it as the parable of the lost sons for reasons that quickly become apparent. He titles the book The Prodigal God based on the Webster definition of prodigal, which is: "recklessly spendthrift". The idea of course is that God, represented by the father in the parable, is recklessly spendthrift (therefore prodigal) with His love toward his children.

Keller impresses with his intellect and his rare ability to communicate intelligent concepts and ideas simply without a hint of arrogance or patronizing. No doubt Keller's years as Presbyterian pastor in New York City (and perhaps his Lutheran upbringing) have trained him to communicate in such a manner. It should be noted that his books have received positive reviews from such diverse sources as Rick Warren, Billy Graham and Christianity Today on the one hand and The New York Times, The Washington Post, World Magazine and Publishers Weekly on the other. To straddle such a fence of opinion is no small feat. "

So if you are looking for a book to read, this is a must: