Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jesus calls us...

Jesus calls us here to meet Him
As through word and song and prayer
We affirm God's promised presence
Where His people live and care
Praise the God who keeps His promise
Praise the Son who calls us friends
Praise the Spirit who among us
To our hopes and fears attends

Jesus calls us to confess Him
Word of life and Lord of all
Sharer of our flesh and frailness
Saving all who fail or fall
Tell His holy human story
Tell His tales that all may hear
Tell the world that Christ in glory
Came to earth to meet us here

Jesus calls us to each other
Found in Him are no divides
Race and class and sex and language
Such are barriers He derides
Join the hands of friend and stranger
Join the hands of age and youth
Join the faithful and the doubter
In their common search for truth

Jesus calls us to His table
Rooted firm in time and space
Where the Church in earth and heaven
Finds a common meeting place
Share the bread and wine His body
Share the love of which we sing
Share the feast for saints and sinners
Hosted by our Lord and King

text: Iona community

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