Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love wins...

Rob Bell's new book Love Wins is due to come out very soon, but before it even came out it has taken huge criticisms from some, claiming that Rob Bell is a Universalist and at worse some are proclaiming him to be an apostate. As I was preparing what I wanted to say on the matter I found a great blog doing just that, so check this post: Here

What I find most assuring and compelling are the quotes by two theologians, authors I trust and appreciate:

“In the current religious climate in America, it isn’t easy to develop an imagination, a thoroughly biblical imagination, that takes in the comprehensive and eternal work of Christ in all people and all circumstances in love and for salvation. Rob Bell goes a long way in helping us acquire just such an imagination. Love Wins accomplishes this without a trace of soft sentimentality and without compromising an inch of evangelical conviction in its proclamation of the good news that is most truly for all.” – Eugene H. Peterson, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, and author of The Message and The Pastor

“Love Wins is a bold, prophetic and poetic masterpiece. I don’t know any writer who expresses the inexpressible love of God as powerfully and as beautifully as Rob Bell! Many will disagree with some of Rob’s perspectives, but no one who seriously engages this book will put it down unchanged. A ‘must read’ book!” – Greg Boyd, senior pastor at Woodland Hills Church and author of The Myth of a Christian Nation

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