Thursday, September 20, 2012

Land Of The Living

I have been completely engrossed by the new album Land of the Living by Matthew Perryman Jones, it is not only his melody and instrumentals that are excellent, but I have found myself being captivated by the lyrics of his songs.  Much of the album was written after the death of his father, and for what ever reason his words has been resonating with me in an incredible way.  A must have album in my opinion. Here is a taste of one of his songs:

I Won't Let You Down Again

So many ways
to find a lonely lover
they're the first ones to confess
stuck between and honest day
and the secrets in your chest
I swear you're dancing with
the fallen angels in the dark
Every step will get your heart beating faster
isn't that your favorite part

Oh, I won't let you down again
Oh, I won't let you down again

So many ways to get your heart broke, honey
pick what suits you best
Spend your whole life working on it
but you're such a lovely mess
I dare you to convince me
that your love's a work of art
I don't believe a single word you're saying
but this is coming from my heart

Oh, I won't let you down again
Oh, I won't let you down again

Oh, Lover got your home fires burning
beating up against the wall
I guess you thought you could never fall
never walk the long way home
You're still dancing with the bottle
trying to break your reckless ways
but you never stop
Every night you try to blame yourself
for someone that you're not

Oh, I won't let you down again
Oh, I won't let you down again

You can also watch and listen to it on YouTube: HERE

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Internet

The Internet has a natural bias toward exhibitionism and thus the erosion of real intimacy. There is nothing exclusive about it, yet it creates, paradoxically, a kind of illusion of intimacy with people we’ve never met in person. - Shane Hipps  Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith