Thursday, August 06, 2015

History Repeats...

History repeats, it's cyclical they say. It repeats with the good and the ugly, the storms rise, calm and repeat.  Awful things like abuse, murder and wars continue despite our historical consciousness of how terrible they were and are, they become again and continue. We do them for many reasons, sometimes out of necessity some times for the greater good, there is always a reason to continue them.  In the olden times child sacrifice for example was something horrifically done to appease the gods, so that one would have a good life.  

This unimaginable, misguided, broken system was interrupted when God tells Abraham that He is NOT to kill Isaac his son.  The fact that He is asked to do it in the first place is NOT the issue or the point of the story, in fact it may have been somewhat ordinary to the culture of that time, gods were demanding child sacrifice all the time, then!  The significance is that God interrupts and triumphantly puts an end to it, and provides a lamb.  In this, foreshadowing the ultimate sacrifice by God-Himself, for us, to come.  The answer; was, is, and will be Jesus...

 Today we live in a new age of child sacrifice, we may not be doing it to appease the pagan god(s), but, but we are sacrificing children to the gods of selfishness.  We easily explain away life, personhood, humanity to satisfy the selfish and ignorant desires. We don't want anything... even life to disrupt, or get in the way of us enjoying our good life.  We don't want anything in the way of finding ourselves, or maybe we are waiting for a time to be more mature, seduced by a lie that - youth is all that matters.  So we don't want a child to get in the way of, our life,  so we sacrifice children (read abort) them for the good life.  

I know its not always this simple, I realize there are plenty of stories of rape and abuse and constant horrors that are forced on someone, and non of them are ok, and non of them should be explained away.  They are unjust, wrong, horrible, sad and broken.  But perpetuating one horror because of another is repeating history. The answer today; was, is and will be Jesus...  The one who was abused, scorned and broken, the one who weeps with us, but offers His life for us... so that we could have life, to the fullest... a life from death.

There Is No Pro-Life Case For Planned Parenthood, Read: 

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